PSA Final Project Minutes 2


During this work session, Tiffany and I got a lot of work done. We met on Friday at the Ugli in the Presentation Practice Room that I reserved. Before this, we were at the same point we had left off at the previous class period. We had a basic outline of what we were going to do, and we had started our script and outline for exactly what we were going to say in our video. Then, on Saturday, we met and interviewed seven different people and analyzed our survey results. This was a very crucial part of our project and it was extremely helpful to get done.

Today in class, we took all of the interviews that we conducted and, along with the survey results, analyzed it and put the results into useful words and information. We finished the script for the video and planned out exactly how everything was going to flow in the movie. We also figured out how do the screen captures and get that into iMovie.

Although there is still a fairly large amount for us to do with the project, we are meeting tonight in the Presentation Room at the Ugli again tonight for several hours to do the filming and editing of the entire movie. By the end of the night tonight, hopefully the entire draft of the movie will be done and there will only be editing and small fixes to do after Workshopping on Thursday.

So far this project has gone well and I am very excited to see how everything turns out!


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