PSA Final Project Minutes 1


Today was a very interesting and productive workday in class for working on the final PSA project. Before the class session today, my partner (Tiffany) and I had very little done. We had submitted our project proposal, I rented the Project Presentation Room at the Ugli, and that was it. We knew approximately what we were doing, but we were not exactly sure in how and when we were going to carry out our plan.

During class today, we got a lot done and we figured out a more definite timeline. First, we logged onto CTools and looked at the comments and feedback we received on our proposal. Once we knew exactly all our project was going to contain, we went down Mason Hall and rented the video equipment for Friday, November 30th – Monday, December 3rd. After this, we realized that we were not going to have all of our research and data ready for filming by tomorrow, Friday, so I reserved an additional time slot at the Ugli for Tuesday, December 4th from 7pm-9pm. Then, we created both an interview that we are going to use, hopefully, for about 10 people., and a general survey. We are planning on going together over this weekend and filming these people about their views on Pinterest. For the survey, I created an account on surveymonkey and created a survey that both Tiffany and I posted on our Facebooks, posted online, and sent out via email.

Our plan for the upcoming days is to figure out how the video equipment works over the weekend, conduct all of our surveys and interviews and obtain all necessary data, film the majority of our video, and edit the movie. There is still a lot left to do, but now we have a clearer view on how this is all going to be put together.


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