#6 – Method


Observations, Interviews, Surveys, Ethics… I now know that these are all critical components in primary writing in order to publish the finest possible essay. Primary research, which is obtaining your own first-hand information that has never been officially published, leads to primary writing, and primary writing can be extremely interesting and innovative. Personally, I have only conducted primary research a few times; but when I have used it, this information almost always tends to produce a fascinating paper. For my rhetorical analysis essay, I definitely used more secondary sources (physical library research) to obtain needed information than any other type of research. However, in a way I guess I also used primary research in a way. While I did not conduct any surveys, interviews, or talk to other people to obtain information for my paper, I used generalizations that I already knew people had about my topic and I used my own general opinions as well to formulate a thesis.

I do think that the way I wrote my paper was effective and it answered the prompt fully and I created a decent essay. However, after reading Driscoll’s “Introduction to Primary Research”, I can see how certain forms of primary research could contribute to my paper even more and help strengthen my writing and my evidence. If I conducted a survey about whether people thought the nursery rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie” was directly related to the Black Plague or not, I might have been better able to support one of the sides better with actual data. Also, I could have conducted either another survey or an interview to find out what people thought each line of the nursery rhyme meant in terms of describing the plague. Again, this would give my paper credible information to help back up my assertions.

Both primary research and secondary research is important and necessary in all forms of writing and other disciplines as well. I am just learning and understanding how important primary research truly is and I am going to try to start using it more to solidify my writing and help me grow as a scholar. Research is what makes the world go round. Without it, nothing new would ever be discovered. Hopefully others agree that research is important!


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